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Anthony Harris new book

Join Little Mikey, his family, and his best friend, Ricardo, in a series of stories about Little Mikey’s daily adventures as a 10-year old kid. Some of the stories will make you laugh and cause you to think that Little Mikey is a really cool kid. When one of his mistakes makes him feel sad, you might even feel sorry for him. Some of the stories might make you ask: What would I have done if I were Little Mikey? Why did Little Mikey do that? What could Little Mikey have done to avoid getting into

Fruits of a Dying Legacy: Book Two o

After five years of tenuous racial harmony in Sharpville, Mississippi, a series of tragic events has set into motion a potentially destructive force that could reverse the racial progress that most citizens of the town covet. Fruits of a Dying Legacy picks up where Fruits of Disgraced Legacy left off. The final installment in the trilogy will be entitled, Fruits of a Dead Legacy, and legacy of white supremacy that has dominated the lives and institutions of Sharpville for generations.


What is mixed? That’s the question Mindy and Bianca have for their teacher, Mrs. Frazier. When painting pictures of their families, Bianca wants to choose the best color for her mommy, but can’t find the color mixed. What color is mixed? Read along as they discover that everyone is made up of different colors.

That Which You Do Most Often... Is T

Too often teens and adolescents place greater importance on athletics than they do on academics. This novel demonstrates both the negative and positive consequences of placing relative importance on either priority.

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Roun

The book is a coming of age story and a personal account of the Civil Rights Movement in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, as witnessed and experienced by the author. It contains stories about the individual and collective struggle for equality in a small Mississippi town.

Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom: The

Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom - The Life and Legacy of Daisy Harris Wade is a tribute to the well-lived life of an icon, mother, and fearless civil rights activist. Hers was no ordinary life - far from it.

It's What's on the Inside

Ashley comes home from school feeling very sad and is ready to change who she is after one of her friends from school tells her that he doesn't like the color of her skin. With a lot of love and words of support, Daddy helps her embrace the skin she's in.

Gifts of Moments: Being Somebody to

Gifts of Moments: Being Somebody to Somebody is a series of poignant and compelling stories that illustrate the importance of using our God-given gifts of moments being somebody to somebody rather than being nobody to anybody.

Fruits of a Disgraced Legacy: A Civi

Set in the small college town of Sharpville, Mississippi, Fruits of a Disgraced Legacy is a raw and intense account of a ruthless cabal that used unmitigated power, influence, and millions of dollars to earn both respect and fear from the citizens of a small, Southern town.





Dr. Harris is apart of the project and my name is listed in the story. Take a look at this article


Looking Back/ Moving Forward


Looking Back/Moving Forward

By Anthony J Harris


Commentary on past, current, and future events and incidents in which race and racism were at the center. I will offer commentary on my experiences as a 1960s civil rights activist and offer commentary on similarities and differences between activism during the 1960s and that of today.


Anthony J. Harris was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He was an active participant in the local Civil Rights Movement and has been a champion for social justice for the greater part of his life. Dr. Harris has published numerous scholarly articles and the following books: Fruits of a Disgraced Legacy; It’s What’s on the Inside; Gifts of Moments: Being Somebody to Somebody; Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round; Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom: The Life and Legacy of Daisy Harris Wade; That Which You do Most Often…Is That Which You Do Best. In his books, he draws upon life lessons learned through years of commitment to and advocacy for social justice, education, and human rights. 

Dr. Harris has been featured in PBS documentary, Freedom Summer, and conducts keynote addresses on topics pertaining to the Civil Rights Movement, the educational success of young black males, and leadership. Dr. Harris currently serves as Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership at Sam Houston State University. He previously worked as an administrator and faculty member at Texas A&M University-Commerce, Mercer University, and the University of Southern Mississippi. He and his wife, Smithenia, have two adult children, Ashley and Michael.

Speaking to seventh grade class at McCullough Junior High School, The Woodlands, Texas

Anthony J, Harris and his brothers James (c.) and Harold (r.)

Anthony J. Harris at a book signing at Cascade United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA

Anthony J. Harris at a book signing at the Hattiesburg Public Library, Hattiesburg, MS

Anthony J. Harris invited by Atlanta Book Club to discuss his novel, Fruits of a Disgraced Legacy

Anthony J. Harris with his brothers Harold (l.) and James (r.)

Photo of an announcement of the African American Men March. He was the Coordinator of the march.

Author’s brick presented to Anthony J. Harris by the Commerce (TX) Public Library

Book that Anthony and his fiancé had to sign in order to receive a marriage license in Forrest County, Mississippi, 1976

Project Keep Hope Alive, an afterschool mentoring program for African American boys, established by Anthony J. Harris in Commerce, TX

Anthony J. Harris, Keynote Speaker, 50th Anniversary of Freedom Day, Hattiesburg, MS

Anthony J. Harris’ and fiancé’s signature in the Colored Record of Marriages

Anthony J. Harris, age 12, at Freedom School, Hattiesburg, MS

Plaque presented to Anthony J. Harris’ late mother by Anthony’s fraternity


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