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I'm Anthony. I am an author, podcaster, and advocate for social justice, education, and human rights. 

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Anthony J. Harris was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He was an active participant in the local Civil Rights Movement and has been a champion for social justice for the greater part of his life. Dr. Harris has published numerous scholarly articles and 13 books (Click “Books” Tab). In his books, he draws upon life lessons learned through years of commitment to and advocacy for social justice, education, and human rights. Dr. Harris has been featured in PBS documentary, Freedom Summer ( In addition, he conducts workshops and delivers keynote addresses on topics pertaining to the Civil Rights Movement, the educational success of young black males, and leadership.

Dr. Harris currently serves as Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling at Prairie View A&M University. He previously worked as an administrator and faculty member at Sam Houston State University, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Mercer University, and the University of Southern Mississippi. He and his wife, Smithenia, have two adult children, Ashley and Michael.

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