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More Adventures of Little Mikey (Little Mikey - Vol. 2)

More Adventures of Little Mikey is the second in a series of chapter books, featuring Little Mikey and his schoolmates. 
Continuing to illustrate the importance of children displaying strong character traits such as kindness, respect, generosity, fairness, compassion, unselfishness, and self-awareness. At the end of each chapter, there are several questions that encourage children to think more about those character traits.

The Adventures of Little Mikey

Little Mikey is 10 years old and lives with his mom, dad, and sister. His full name is Michael Vincent Harris, but many people call him Little Mikey because, in his first-grade class, there were two Mikeys – one big and one little. Since he was smaller than Big Mikey, his friends started calling him Little Mikey and the other Mikey, Big Mikey. Nearly every day, whether at school, at home, or at play, Little Mikey seems to get himself into some type of mischief or trouble. The mischief and trouble he gets into doesn’t cause anyone to get hurt. He never bullies anyone. He never uses foul language. And he never uses violence to solve problems. But he makes decisions that sometimes cause him to get into trouble with his parents and teachers.

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What is mixed? That’s the question Mindy and Bianca have for their teacher, Mrs. Frazier. When painting pictures of their families, Bianca wants to choose the best color for her mommy, but can’t find the color mixed. What color is mixed?  Read along as they discover that everyone is made up of different colors.

It's What's on the Inside

Ashley comes home from school feeling very sad and is ready to change who she is after one of her friends from school tells her that he doesn't like the color of her skin. With a lot of love and words of support, Daddy helps her embrace the skin she's in.

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Leading While Black: Challenges of being an African American leader in a White organization 

The challenges highlighted in this book – regardless of industry or whether in the public or private sector – are the result of systemic racism that commenced in 1619 and remains alive today. The historical and ongoing dehumanization of Black people, and the public policies and laws that have sustained it, have been responsible for the creation and maintenance of contemporary racism and its many manifestations.

That Which You Do Most Often... Is That Which You Do Best!

Too often teens and adolescents place greater importance on athletics than they do on academics. This novel demonstrates both the negative and positive consequences of placing relative importance on either priority.

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Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom: The Life and Legacy of Daisy Harris Wade

Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom - The Life and Legacy of Daisy Harris Wade is a tribute to the well-lived life of an icon, mother, and fearless civil rights activist. Hers was no ordinary life - far from it. This book chronicles the many extraordinary ways in which she stood on the solid foundations of her Christian faith, love of her family, devotion to her friends, and an unwavering commitment to the struggle for freedom and civil rights in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. As author and son, Dr. Anthony J. Harris was pleased to write such a personal and poignant account of his mother's life. His many memories of her cannot be expressed in or captured by words.To present a broader view of her life, Dr. Harris invited family members and friends to share their memories of her. The result is an awesome collaborative project that illustrates the depth and breadth of a well-lived life and the many relationships Ms. Harris Wade nurtured during her unforgettable eighty-three years on this earth.

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round: A Coming of age story and a personal account of the Civil Rights Movement in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

The book is a coming-of-age story and a personal account of the Civil Rights Movement in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, as witnessed and experienced by the author. It contains stories about the individual and collective struggle for equality in a small Mississippi town. The book features and honors those unsung heroes whose bravery and example contributed significantly to the movement. The book tells the story of a young boy whose life is influenced by the movement that contributed significantly to his development and coming of age from childhood to adulthood.

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Gifts of Moments: Being Somebody to Somebody

Gifts of Moments: Being Somebody to Somebody is a series of poignant and compelling stories that illustrate the importance of using our God-given gifts of moments being somebody to somebody rather than being nobody to anybody. Moments are precious gifts from God, who expects us to use those gifts wisely. Once a moment has passed, we no longer possess it. It is gone forever and will never be experienced again. At the end of the day and as each moment passes, we are challenged to ponder some soul-searching questions: How did I use that moment that just passed? Did I use that moment being somebody to somebody? Did I use that moment for my own selfish needs? What will I do when the next moment and the moments that follow come into my life? How do I learn how to use my moments in the most beneficial manner possible as God’s covenant requires?



Jefferson-Davis Investigation Agency: Cold Case Investigators

The book features two private investigators who specialize in solving cold cases involving hate crimes. Their first case is one in which a 16-year-old African American teen was killed in a small Mississippi town. For five years, law enforcement has refused to solve the crime, almost immediately labeling it a cold case. Not one to give up,, even after five years of stonewalling, the teen's mother asks Jefferson-Davis Investigation Agency to find out who killed her son and why. The investigation leads to the discovery of numerous criminal acts by corrupt elected officials and law enforcement whose actions directly related to the death of the teen.The principal investigators are characters from my novel, Fruits of a Dead Legacy, which was published last year. This book will be a series of books in which the investigators pursue cold cases that possibly involve hate crimes.


Fruits of a Dead Legacy (Fruits Legacy)

For decades, Billy Wayne Sharp has worshipped at the altar of white supremacy. In doing so, he has been successful in drawing thousands to that altar, establishing himself as a revered leader of the white nationalist movement. Politicians, public servants, and every-day adherents to white supremacy embrace Billy Wayne’s belief that white people were ordained by God to lord over non-whites. His belief in the biblical correctness of white supremacy has led to murder, fire bombings, attempted assassinations, and plans for an apocalyptic race war, which he believes will result in his becoming the new Messiah.The town of Sharpville, Mississippi stands at the crossroads of a historic existential moment. It is the epicenter of Billy Wayne’s plans to become the new Messiah. Will the town that bears his family name reject Billy Wayne’s efforts to violently transform the racial and religious landscape of the entire nation? Will it rise up against or give in to his belief in the “natural order”? Will the fruits of his racist legacy develop rot and die, or will they become hardy and multiply?

Fruits of a Dying Legacy: Book Two of a Trilogy

For five years, a fragile peace had prevailed in the town of Sharpville, Mississippi, following the convictions of the town's criminal cabal, which operated for more than four decades as self-appointed protectors of Jim Crowism and a brand of white supremacy based on their interpretations of biblical scripture. A tragic event shakes the town's collective sense of peace and calm and triggers a series of incidents that pits the town's progressive African American police chief and its equally progressive police lieutenant against the dying legacy of Jim Crowism and its chief proponent, Billy Wayne Sharp.

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Fruits of a Disgraced Legacy

Set in the small college town of Sharpville, Mississippi, Fruits of a Disgraced Legacy is a raw and intense account of a ruthless cabal that used unmitigated power, influence, and millions of dollars to earn both respect and fear from the citizens of a small, Southern town. Hidden behind a pious and reputable facade, seven men have ruled the dark underbelly of the town with one goal in mind: to keep the "Old South" alive. With all possible means of moral oppression, including gambling, prostitution, and even murder, this sinister septet has endeavored to protect white supremacy and racial segregation for over 40 years and, until recently, have been successful. Now, an unlikely hero stands to upset their decades-old charade. Can he navigate the network of politics and secrecy to bring them down? Or will his willingness to stand ultimately cost him his life?

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